- Change in Shareholding

Particulars of Director
Descriptions(Class): Ordinary Shares

Details of changes

Date of change

No of securities

Type of transaction

Nature of Interest

30/12/2020 10,000 Acquired Direct Interest

Name of registered holder: MUI CHUNG MENG
Description of "Others" Type of Transaction: - 
Consideration (if any): RM23700.00

Circumstances by reason of which change has occurred: Open Market Purchases

Nature of interest: Direct Interest

Total no of securities after change
Direct (units): 10,000
Direct (%): 0.003
Indirect/deemed interest (units): 2,460,000
Indirect/deemed interest (%): 0.641
Date of notice: 31/12/2020
Date notice received by Listed Issuer: 31/12/2020