- General Announcements

Type of Meeting: General

Indicator: Outcome of Meeting
Date of Meeting: 21 May 2021
Time: 03:00 PM
Venue(s): Plot 4, Jalan Jalawat 1,Seberang Jaya Industrial Estate,13700 Prai.Penang Malaysia.

Outcome of Meeting:
P.I.E. Industrial Berhad (“PIE” or “the Company”)
24th Annual General Meeting duly convened and held on 21 May 2021 (24th AGM)

On behalf of the Board of Directors of PIE, we wish to inform that Commercial Quest Sdn Bhd was appointed by PIE as scrutineer to validate the votes cast at the AGM.

Please be informed that a summary of the key matters discussed and deliberated at the AGM will be published at PIE’s corporate website within fourteen (14) days from the date of AGM.

The poll-voting results of the AGM are as follows.